DzineBK Terms and Conditions

Any entity, organization, or individual engaging in the services of DzineBK, LLC is deemed to have familiarized themselves with, comprehended, and consented to these terms and conditions.


1. Acceptance of Terms
By engaging with DzineBK’s services, you affirm your legal commitment to adhere to these Terms and Conditions. It is imperative to meticulously review these terms before proceeding. If you do not agree with these terms, you are not permitted to utilize DzineBK services.

2. NRF (Nonrefundable) Charges
Charges for graphic design (e.g., flyers, business cards, postcards, book covers, etc.) and web design services are invoiced as non-refundable deposits by default. Specific fees are not disclosed on the website to protect client privacy.

3. Commencement of Work
Work will commence only upon receipt of the initial NRF deposit. Actual work begins once both the client-signed contract and the NRF deposit covering the entire estimated cost are received.

4. Payment Method
DzineBK exclusively accepts payments through PayPal.

5. Express Orders
If a client requests an express order, DzineBK will make every effort to accommodate it by scheduling the project between ongoing work for timely completion. However, upgrading a project from standard to express incurs a rush fee equal to 75% of the project’s payment. The full required “rushed” payment must be received before the project commences.

6. Timely Material Submission
Upon receipt of the necessary “rushed” payment, the client has a three-day window to provide all required materials and information. Failure to do so within this timeframe results in reclassification as a “Standard” project.

7. Revision Stages
The Revision Stages involve sharing artwork concepts with the client for review and feedback. Clients must respond promptly to DzineBK’s status updates. Clients have a maximum of three weeks, including weekends, to provide feedback on each set of samples. Failure to respond within this timeframe results in DzineBK considering the project closed, with all payments becoming nonrefundable. Reopening the project after the 3-week period incurs a fee, potentially with higher design rates, if applicable.

8. Additional Edits
After the initial three revisions, additional edits incur extra costs. Basic designs and flyers are priced at $25 or more per edit, while more complex projects like book designs and logos cost $35 or more per edit.

9. Archived File Access
Accessing archived files involves reopening fees: $65 after one year, $55 between six and eleven months, and $45 within one to five months after project completion. Files will not be provided if your account is closed.

10. Refund Policy
DzineBK strictly adheres to its refund policy, with exceptions made only in extraordinary circumstances, determined solely by the owner/operator of DzineBK.

11. Ownership and Usage of Design
The client does not own, copyright, or trademark any graphic design artwork until all payments are settled. Upon successful payment and delivery of the final files, DzineBK transfers all licensing, copyright, and legal ownership to the client. DzineBK retains the right to use the design for advertising its services and may reuse unused or unaccepted design concepts for future projects.

12. Reproduction and Use
Unauthorized reproduction, use, or copying of DzineBK’s designs can result in legal action.

13. Client Responsibility for Proofreading
It is the client’s responsibility to check and proofread all details in business card and stationery files before printing. DzineBK holds no responsibility for printing mistakes.

14. Changes in Content
All text content in brochures, flyers, presentation folders, labels, and packaging must be checked and proofed before printing. Any content changes after the creation of print files incur extra charges.

15. File Formats
DzineBK does not provide PSD files. DzineBK retains ownership of the source file (.PSD). Final files provided are in JPG and PNG formats.

16. Project Delays
While DzineBK strives to deliver projects on time, delays may occur. DzineBK is not responsible for losses incurred due to delays.

17. Loss of Profit
DzineBK is not liable for the loss of a company’s profit. The responsibility for the project ceases after finalization and release.

18. Turnaround Time
Turnaround time begins from the day DzineBK sends the contract to the client after receiving the design brief, any required payments (refundable or NRF), and additional information or images.

19. Pricing Changes
Prices for designs are subject to change without notice.

20. Project Timeframes
DzineBK provides design turnaround times based on information supplied by the client. The full project time depends on the client’s response to revisions and other circumstances.

21. Exclusive Offers
DzineBK may initiate or conclude exclusive offers at any time.

22. Communication
Email is the primary means of communication. DzineBK uses email correspondence to maintain project organization. Response times are typically within 24-72 hours.

23. Uniqueness of Design
DzineBK cannot guarantee the uniqueness of a design but approaches all contracted designs with original thought and artwork. Any similarity to other designs is purely coincidental.

24. Ownership of Artwork
DzineBK produces original artwork or modifies existing artwork with permission. DzineBK assumes that the company/client has legal and copyright ownership of the provided existing artwork.

25. Legal Responsibility
DzineBK will not be held responsible for artwork produced for unregistered companies or legal issues regarding business names, logos, or websites.

26. Post-Project Responsibility
After the website is handed over to clients, they own all rights to the design/website. DzineBK is not responsible for the website and its content unless the client requests updates. DzineBK is not bound to any legal issues that may arise after the client takes control.

27. Data Security
DzineBK is not liable for data loss, password compromises, or website hacking. Clients are responsible for keeping their sites up to date and backed up. DzineBK offers maintenance packages but cannot make guarantees regarding security.

28. Hacked WordPress Sites
DzineBK may assist in resolving hacked WordPress sites with charges at an hourly rate of $85+.

29. Additional Modification Fees
After project finalization, additional fees apply for further modifications of artwork. DzineBK strives to provide fair discounts for reusing its services.

30. Attribution
All websites designed by DzineBK will be tagged and linked with ‘Designed by Dzinebk.’

31. Termination
If a client violates DzineBK’s terms and conditions, services will be terminated immediately with no refunds, final files, or designs. The account will be closed immediately.

32. Updates and Revisions
These terms and conditions apply to all projects, regardless of size, and graphic design services. They may be updated or amended by any contract signed by the client and are subject to change at any time. If you have signed a contract with DzineBK, please note that the terms outlined in this document will override the older version as of August 1st, 2013.

33. Agreement

By requesting information about DzineBK’s products and services or a quote, you agree to these terms and conditions.

**Last Updated: December 28, 2022**