Terms and Conditions 

Any business, agency, or person who orders the services of DzineBK,LLC agrees to have read, understood, and accepted these terms & conditions.



  • In requesting the services of DzineBK, you agree to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions, so please read them carefully. If you do not accept them, you may not use the DzineBK services in any way.
  • *=NRF= Nonrefundable
  • Fees for graphic design (ex: flyers, business cards, postcards, book covers etc.) and web design services are charged on a non-refundable (hereby NRF*) deposit basis unless otherwise stipulated in any contract you sign. Fees are not posted on the website to protect client’s privacy.
  • No work will begin until the first NRF* deposit. Actual work only begins upon receipt of the contract signed by the client and upon receipt of the NRF deposit of the total projected cost.
  • Payments are only accepted via PayPal.
  • If the client requests that an express order is applied to any project, we will try our best to schedule you in between projects to make sure that your project is completed on time. If the client would like to change a project from standard to express, a rush fee will be applied. Rush Fees are 75% of the project’s payment. If an “Expressed” order is requested, the FULL required “rushed” payment must be received before the project is started.
  • After the required “rushed” payment is made, client has three (3) days to submit all materials and information.  If all relevant material and information are not received within 3 days, the project will be placed in the “Standard” project category.
  • Revision Stages are the times in which any artwork concept is sent to the client for review, followed by the client’s response. Client agrees to provide timely responses to DzineBK after receiving status updates. It is the client’s responsibility to maintain contact with our designer(s) during the design process. Clients shall have a maximum of 3weeks (including weekends) to respond to each set of samples sent to them for review. If after 3 weeks, the client fails to respond DzineBK will consider the project closed and all payments made thus far will be nonrefundable. At such time, DzineBK shall have no further obligation to the client. If client responds after 3 weeks, a fee to have the project reopened will apply; this fee may also include higher design rate costs applying at that time. We encourage our clients to provide their own thoughts & ideas, but where clients are not open to our suggestions & recommendations, DzineBK will not be responsible for the result of the design.
  • After Design Project is sent over after the first 3 edits, if client wishes to have more edits each edit will be $25+ (Basic Designs/Flyers) (Book Designs/Logo – $35+) added to each edit.
  • Archived Files after 1 Year of Design requires an open fee of $65.
  • Archived Files after 6 Months- 11 Months of Design requires an open fee of $55.
  • Archived Files after 1 Month – 5 Months of Design requires an open fee of $45.
  • No files will be provided if your account has been closed.
  • Dzine By Kellie does not provide any refunds other than those outlined here and, in our contracts, unless under extraordinary circumstances only. The criteria of “special circumstances” are decided under the sole discretion of the owner/operator of DzineBK.
  • Client cannot own, copyright, or trademark any graphic design artwork until all payments have been made. Once payments are cleared and final files have been delivered, DzineBK transfers all licensing, copyright, and legal ownership of the design but retains the use of the design for the purpose of advertising our services to other clients and in our marketing materials. In addition, any unused or unaccepted concepts remain the full property of DzineBK and may be used again for future design projects.
  • Any reproduction, use or copying of our designs without our permission can result in immediate legal action.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to check and proofread all details in business card & stationery files etc. sent by DzineBK before printing. We hold no responsibility for any mistakes on business cards, letterheads, envelopes, or any type of print files.
  • All brochures, flyers, presentation folders, labels, and packaging text content must be checked and proofed before printing. Any change in the content after the print files have been created will be charged extra. So double check all text contents.
  • We do not provide PSD files. DBK retain ownership of the source file (.PSD). Final files are JPG & PNG’s.
  • Though DzineBK tries to deliver all projects on time, delays may happen. We are in no way responsible whatsoever for losses incurred due to delays.
  • DzineBK may not be held responsible in any way for the loss of profit of a company. DzineBK is not responsible for the project once it has been finalized and released.
  • Turnaround time is calculated from the day that DzineBK sends the contract to client after having received design brief, any required payment(s) (refundable or NRF), and any additional information or images.
  • Prices for designs need to be changed without notice.
  • DzineBK provides design turnaround times based on information supplied by the client in the design brief and during the initial consultation; the full project time depends on the client’s response to revisions and/or other circumstances.
  • DzineBK can begin and end exclusive offers at any time.
  • We use email as our main means of communication. We like to use email correspondence as reference when we can begin working on a project. This helps us to keep things in order and to keep track of project details and answers to the many questions that we usually have for clients. But you don’t have to worry, we are known to respond right away (usually that day or at least within 24-72 hours).
  • Though it is impossible to guarantee that any design will be unique, DzineBK guarantees that it will approach all contracted designs with original thought & artwork. If a design is like another design in the industry, it would be purely coincidental and not a reflection of our design capabilities.
  • DzineBK produces only original artwork and/or modifies existing artwork with the permission of the company/client providing the original artwork (such as a logo/website refresh). DzineBK assumes the company/client has legal & copyright ownership of all provided existing artwork to be refreshed or reworked in any way and shall not be held responsible for any legal dispute or lawsuit or criminal charges stemming from copyright or ownership issues.
  • DzineBK will not be held responsible for artwork produced for any company that may not be registered or in any case in which there may be a legal issue regarding the business’s name and/or logo/website. DzineBK shall not be bound to the company’s (and or individual’s or representatives’) legal problems in any manner.
  • After the website is turned over to clients (Login Name, Password, Files, Website, etc) and Payment has been made the client owns all rights toward the design/website. DzineBK is not responsible for the website and the content (Design, Images, etc). Unless the client wishes to have DzineBK Update the Design. Any legal action or conflict with the website after it is in the control of the client  DzineBK shall not be bound to the company’s (and or individual’s or representatives’) legal problems in any manner.
  • While DzineBK attempts to bring you the highest quality service possible, we are unable to guarantee the integrity of any data stored or transmitted VIA the internet or through our systems. DzineBK is not liable for any claims of damage or loss caused by the loss of data, password compromises, or the hacking of your website. You are solely responsible for keeping your site up to date and backed up. (Note: Your hosting provider should keep daily backups of your site files but may not backup the database). We do offer maintenance packages where we do all that we can to keep your site secure and protected, but even then, we cannot make any guarantees. WordPress is often vulnerable to hackers and that is something that is entirely out of our control.
  • If the WordPress site we design for you DO get hacked into, we would be happy to help you get it resolved by contacting your hosting provider, pinpointing the exact problem, and getting it restored again – but keep in mind that there are charges for this service. Our hourly rate is $85 per hour. Sometimes it can be a quick and easy fix but sometimes the hackers can cause major damage by installing bad scripting code in hundreds of files that would need to be manually removed. Either way, we are not responsible, but happy to do all that we can to get you back up and running again.
    After the project is finalized, additional fees apply for further modification of artwork, though we will try to provide a fair discount for the re-use of our services versus the use of a competing agency or company.
  • All websites will be tagged and link with ‘Designed by Dzinebk”
  • If a client breaks from DzineBK terms and conditions outlined here and in any signed contract between DzineBK and the client, the service will be terminated immediately with no refunds, final files or designs. The account will be closed immediately.
The above terms and conditions apply to all projects (large or small), and graphic design services, and may be updated or amended by any contract signed by the client and are subject to change at any time. If you have signed a contract with DzineBK please note this document will override the older version on August 1st, 2013. By requesting any information about our products & services or a quote, you agree to these terms and conditions.
Posted & updated on December 28,2022.